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Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm a passionate educator, avid learner and curious traveler. My strength lies in the ability to  approach learning from multiple perspectives: teacher and student, researcher and practitioner, newcomer and local, corporate and not-for-profit employee, just to name a few. I encourage conversation and sharing of opinions. I am a good listener and an acute observer, my ultimate goal being to make well-informed decisions, whether in classroom or in life.


My various interests and inquiring nature took me to different corners of the world. I taught English in China, Vietnam, and Canada. I worked as a geophysicist in Romania, Canada, and U.S.A. I visited France, Spain, Portugal and Brazil to practice the languages I studied and I learned about different cultures and forms of dance in Canada, U.S.A., Cuba and other countries.

My current passion is exploring how people learn, teach, and work. I am an instructor of English as an Additional Language, a graduate student in Educational Research, and amateur curriculum developer.

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