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5 Education Websites to Have on Speed-Dial

For all the things education, I often get my inspiration from these websites.


“Edutopia is a trusted source shining a spotlight on what works in education. We show people how they can adopt or adapt best practices, and we tell stories of innovation and continuous learning in the real world.” (

This website ( has been around for almost thirty years, so they must be doing something right. It is published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, and explores what works in education and why. It is full of examples of transformational learning, and innovative ideas that work in the classroom. Although it focuses on k-12 education, many of the articles and ideas shared are applicable to adult education.

Cult of Pedagogy

It is a blog, a podcast, and a few other things. It is honest, full of character and great ideas. If there is a cult to join, this should be the only one (, #cultofpedagogy).

Teaching in Higher Ed with Bonni Stachoviak

“Explore the art and science of facilitating learning" (

Switching gears to higher education, at the top of the list is Teaching in Higher Ed with Bonni Stachoviak, both a blog and a podcast ( Topics are varied, current, and relevant. I always learn something new, or gain new perspectives.


To keep up with all things tech, EdSurge ( is now more relevant than ever. It offers information on how learning can be supported by technology and how technology can transform learning.

The Chronicle in Higher Education

To wrap up the first round of website recommendations is The Chronicle in Higher Education ( There is a limited number of articles that you can read for free, although if you have the money a subscription is totally worth it. It is a great source of information, ranging from news to analysis and opinions.

This post was just to briefly introduce my top 5 sources of inspiration. I am looking forward to expanding the list. Please share your choices.


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